Rexite Casting - Over 100 Years of Aluminum Casting

Rexite Casting Company is an aluminum sand casting and machining facility. We make molds out of olivine sand, a non-hazardous material, on Hunter automatic molding machines of various speeds.


At our St. Louis facility, we predominantly pour aluminum alloys 319, 356, and 713 tenzaloy. Other sand casting alloys can be poured, and alloys can be heat treated. Castings range from a few ounces up to approximately 15 lbs for all alloys.


Rexite Casting uses numerous gas and electric resistance melting and holding furnaces of varying capacities on our different production lines.


Our core making equipment is suitable to make cores appropriate for our molding machine flask sizes, and the ability to acquire additional cores outside of our scope.


We have a state of the art Haas DM-2 vertical mill, with a Midaco pallet changer, which is available for machining.


Rexite Casting has been in business for over 100 years and carries no debt. Our financial situation is stable and has a very positive outlook.


We take pride in our ability to be flexible with customers' due date and quantity changes, and we bend over backwards to accommodate last minute expedites.